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How it all began ...

In the year 1990 we had a company named AZV GmbH, which was importing Tuning- & Car Care Products from U.S.A. and distributing them in Germany. We have been first to bring SplitFire, Spark plugs Force Air Charger or Rain Away Window Treatment to the German market. Also we have been official distributor of Slick 50, K&N, Filter Pennzoil, MultiEdge, OranClean, ColourPolish and eClair Wheels. Since we have been in U.S.A. many times and also visited the annual SEMA Show (worlds largest Tuning Show in Las Vegas), our passion for Muscle Cars has increased dramatically.

In 1994 we also had a company named Speed Star Racing which was located in U.S.A. (CT), to organize Buy-In and Exports to Germany. During that time, we have also imported new and used vehicles to Germany. In 1995, when the Tuning market went down and most companies were bankrupt or collaborated with others, we did no longer want to take the risk of losing money any more. So we started to prepare our new project.

2001 was the launch of MaxxTech Chevy Trucks & Tuning Parts. In the same year we attended at the SEMA Show in Vegas, where the latest Tuning parts have been awarded. Since then, our advantage was the short time it took us to get the new stuff to Europe. In our U.S. warehouse we collect all goods and ship them via air cargo every two weeks.

At the 2005 SEMA Tuning Show in Las Vegas the most common project car was the - all new Mustang (Generation 5), - we had absolutely no doubt, that this Retro Pony will be the perfect base for many interesting Tuning projects. Therfor we did not hesitate and extended our sales program with "Mustang4ever".

2005 in Rheinstetten
Our first shop location was in the industrial zone of Mörsch near Karlsruhe. But we were growing quite fast and the cargo from U.S.A. got bigger and bigger, so we decided to look for a better Shop.

2006 in Karlsruhe
To be able to handle the growing volume of US parts sales, we moved to the Rhein Port Industrial Zone of Karlsruhe, where we had a 200m2 warehouse, office and Full Service Tuning Shop.

2007 in Rülzheim
A coincidence brought us to this special car shop. This perfect location was easy to reach, had a nice interior and brought us new possibilities for vehicle approvals of the TÜV, so we had no other choice. Until 2010 we have been located there and created a worldwide logistic network with central warehouse for whole Europe.

2007 we have taken over a company that dealed with Chrysler parts. So we now have 3 categories (Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler) united in our sales program. Afterwards we have started to restructure our Online Shop System and mad one Shop out of three. The new motto is now focused on the battle "Chevy Camaro vs. Ford Mustang vs. Dodge Challenger".

MaxxTech® Sweden
In Spring 2008 we launched a new Online Shop for Scandinavian customers. Peter, the company owner (on the photo together with Chip Foose) also has a company that offers Racing Merchandise in Sweden and so he often travels to international events.

MaxxTech® Switzerland
In 2009 we launched a new Online Shop for Swiss and Liechtenstein customers. First the company was located in Zürich, but after a short while we moved it to Thun at the Berner Oberland area, directly near the Thunersee (see Photo).

MaxxTech® Germany
Because of our new stategy we have moved our Shop and Warehouse during 2011 to Kandern which is located in Germany near Switzerland and France. Now we can supply these countries much easier, while sales are increasing permanently. In addition, we have decided to extend our sales program with OEM- & Repro Parts for 1930+ vehicles.

MaxxTech® Anniversary
2011 Now we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of our company. In our Online Shops we had many Specials and Celebrations and our customers could meet us during various US-Car Events. More informations about the most important Shows and Meetings during this year, you will also find on our Events Calendar.

Today & Tomorrow
Meanwhile we have MaxxTech® Shops in three countries and we are already heading for a Speed Shop in U.S.A.. Our hompage has been actualized and we are going to visit the SEMA Show again in October 2014 :-)

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