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Tuning Parts (1980-2017)
For us Tuning is a method to improve and individualize the optical appearance of a vehicle. Therefor we often replace stock parts with premium components which leads us to a better performance, efficiency, handling and durability, but most of all to create a new Soul for the vehicle. Inspired by the so-called "OldSchool-Tuning", we also strive to reduce vehicle weight and add more oxygen to the engine. Tuning Parts we offer in our Shops or use to customize vehicles are selected carefully, will mostly be purchased directly from the manufacturers and have been tested through us, before we decide to offer them. Our main criteria is the product quality and accuracy when mounted.

Spare Parts (1930-2011)
The perfext restoration often can be a challenge and would require the installation of Premium OEM- Parts from Ford, General Motors and Dodge, which can be quite expensive, depending on availability and market situation. In case OEM parts are no longer available and also for those which only have a limited budget available, we might also be able to offer solutions based on Repro Parts (Reproduction Parts), often less expensive, but sometimes they can show a lower quality.

As we also sell parts to dealers, we have cooperations with several Tuners, Garages as well as Body & Paint Shops. No matter if you want to tune or restore your ride, we might be able to offer support and service near you, just don´t hesitate to ak us :-)

Please do not underestimate the importance of legal approvals for the parts you want to use on your vehicle. As safety comes first, we are part of a network that includes contact persons at M.V.D. and independent specialists that enable approvals to meet European Standards (§ 19 and § 21 StVZO). But pls be aware, we can not guarantee that vehicles or individual parts will receive approvals w/o any changes or adjustments. Also the process can be very expensive and might depend on your personal value of the vehicle or part.

Developement & Distribution
For some of our suppliers MaxxTech® Performance is also a partner and distibutor for Germany, e.g. 3D Carbon, 3D Decals, Action Artistry, Auto Trim Design, Corsa Exhaust, Diablosport, Dupont Performance, Empire Motorsports, Hennessey Performance, Superior Dash, and more .. In collaboration with them, we have created some new products for the European market, also TÜV approved like the KW Coilover suspension for the Chevy SSR !!!

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